Returned the van to Bournemouth Station, Just a very short note to say thank you. You provide a swift and friendly service.

Thanks again.


Thank you!

Having spoken to quite alot of people for various things to do with moving house you and your team are the most polite and professional, didn't think that that type of service actually still existed, so reassuring when you find a company that does!!!


Thanks again!

Ms. A. W, London

Dear Yellohire,

Thank you very much for your help today. The car is now in our drive, ready to take me to work tomorrow, and I feel very relieved!

You were so helpful in getting this sorted for me at such a late hour, and I am very grateful to you.

With best wishes,

Mrs. D. F, Manchester

Dear Sir / Madam,

I am writing to praise the excellent service I have received from your company over the last two weeks. As you will probably be aware from many of your customers, and possibly personal experience, moving house is an extremely stressful and uncertain event.

Over the course of the last two weeks I have made several changes to my van hire booking, and many of these have been last minute. All of these requests have been dealt with speedily and without looking to make charges against my name, which nowadays is a rarity.

I would particularly like to single out two of your staff for their handling of my booking, both have been speedy, helpful and have gone out of their way to secure my booking at the last minute.

I would like to finish by saying that it is a rarity to get such good customer service today and I will be recommending you to all my friends, family and colleagues, and I hope you get many more bookings out of these recommendations.

I will also definitely be using you again!

Mr C. D, Leicester


I am a firm believer of communicating complaints in the advent of poor service however, I also think that excellent service should be complimented.

I have phoned your company twice in he last few days regarding a reservation and on both occasions the phone was answered quickly and the agent was friendly and chatty but efficient and very welcoming.

Congratulations and thank you.

Mr M. D, Chemlsford

Dear Julie,

Thank you for sending the confirmation and thank you also for all your help.

Mr. W. McM, Suffolk

Dear Yellohire,

Thank you very much and apologies for my impatience.

I appreciate it very much. Please convey my thanks to your management (as well as Mos and Julie for they’re friendly assistance).

I will definitely recommend Yellohire in the future.
Mr. E. V Z, London

Thank very much for this – you’ve saved me a lot of hassle!
Miss E. G, Southampton

Dear Sir,

Thank you so much for all your efforts with my difficult request. You really went out of your way to call back twice and keep me informed of progress.

Much appreciated and your name is firmly in my filofax!

A little snail mail gesture is on the way.

Best wishes.

Dr. N. M, London

Dear Sirs,

Just a quick note to thank you for your assistance last week. I am very impressed by your service and will certainly use Yellohire again.

I especially wanted to thank you for having gone to the trouble to arrange an alternative vehicle & to have tracked me down at work via the email address I supplied.

I don't think I've ever received such good customer service from a company.

Thanks once again & congratulations on a job very well done, we couldn't have moved without you!

Thanks and Regards

Mr. S. G, York

Thanks Yellohire! We were able to pick up a van and carry on working when ours broke down!

DB, Bristol

Dear Yellohire,

I just wanted to say thanks for taking the hassle out of booking a van!

RE, Southampton

Your staff are so friendly and helpful. We look forward to contacting you again.

Mrs F, Cardiff

I would like to thankyour staff for being so well mannered on the phone because, I have to say, some companies have people answering the phone and they can be quite rude and they try to hurry you and they talk too fast

A.S, Scotland

Dear Yellohire

We wanted to thank you for your assistance recently when we needed a van urgently. Your friendly and helpful staff managed to locate a van when we needed one urgently. Iíve told all my friends and family to use you if they ever need a van!

Mr N, London

Yellohire were a marvellous help in arranging my car hire from the airport when I landed for my business meeting!

Mrs P, Northampton

I just want to let you know how I impressed I have been with the quality of customer service offered by one of your call centre employees, Robin (Rob).

When I presented him with a tricky situation, rather than adopting a 'Computer says no' attitude, he showed real initiative and patience in trying to get it sorted. He gave up a lot of his time and effort to solving the problem when he could easily have refused to do so.

This sort of person who is able to talk to you properly and show initiative is a real breath of fresh air. I'm no businessman, but it seems pretty clear to me that the man deserves a promotion, or at least a bit more than a normal call centre salary!

Cheers and best wishes from a very satisfied customer

Mr R T (Cambridge)