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A New Option for Van and Car Hire Users


Yellohire this week unveiled their new, no excess, no deposit Van and Car hire solution.

What does this mean for the customer?


Well quite literally it means that when a customer is looking for Van or Car hire they will no longer have to worry about leaving a deposit on the vehicle they hire or have to pay extortionate demands for repair cost on the vehicle if it is damaged.


Just think trouble free Car Hire and Van Hire without the worries or concerns normally associated with other companies.


Our reservations manager Robin Ewan stated ‘that this will open up the door to a lot of people who have been unable to hire vehicles before’ and also said, ’this is a truly innovative product and I am sure we are the first company to do this in the UK’


The customer is still liable to the excess on the vehicle but we have sourced and help create a new insurance product which will be sold as part of the vehicle hire cost.


This insurance product covers the excess that would have been payable if the vehicle is damaged.


Call us now for all the details on 0800-02-353-97.